Investor Relations


This website is for the purpose of providing information only for understanding management, and is not intended to solicit the purchase or sale of the Company's shares.
Please make your own investments at your own discretion. In addition, please be aware that the opinions and earnings forecasts posted are prepared based on information that can be collected at the time of preparation of materials, and actual results may differ from the forecasts described due to various factors in the future.
Although we pay close attention to posting information on this website, please note that we are not responsible for any failure caused by errors in the posted information or downloading data.

In order to prevent the leakage of financial results information and ensure fairness, the Company has set a certain period from the day following the closing date to the date of announcement of financial results as a quiet period, and refrains from responding to inquiries or commenting on financial results during this period. However, if there is a prospect of major revisions to the earnings forecast announced by the Company during the quiet period, the Company will make it public in accordance with the Financial Stock Exchange Regulations, etc.
Even during the quiet period, we will respond to inquiries about information that has already been announced.