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Message from the President

WAKACHIKU CONSTRUCTION was established in 1890 with the aim of constructing and operating Kitakyushu Wakamatsu Port, and celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2020. The Company has expanded its business scope to land, architecture and overseas construction while handling large projects for port and airport construction as a pioneer of the marine civil engineering business, and carried out business under the management policy of “increase the trust of customers and contribute to society through construction centered on quality and safety.”
In the current construction industry, there is a wide range of issues that must be dealt with, such as the response to new formats during the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, workstyle reforms for employees, the improvement of productivity and consideration toward the global environment. With the technological capabilities and interpersonal capabilities that we have cultivated thus far, we aim to flexibly and earnestly respond to these issues, and improve the sustainability of the following three items.

  • 1.Market sustainability
    We further strengthen the business foundation based on technology and results, and further increase corporate value through management that takes into consideration the cost of capital.
  • 2.Organizational sustainability
    We realize a rewarding workplace environment by emphasizing the health and safety of employees and advancing workstyle reforms, and deepen cooperation with supply chains with which we work together and undertake business.
  • 3.Social sustainability
    We recognize that the realization of a sustainable society is the foundation of a company’s development, and contribute to communities and the global environment, such as through the construction of renewable energy facilities and initiatives to improve the marine environment.

Our corporate activities carry on because of the support of various stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders, clients and employees. By promoting ESG management toward 2030, which is made the goal of SDGs, we intend to work even harder to increase corporate value and contribute to the global environment, aiming to be “a company able to respond to the expectations of all stakeholders.”
We ask for your continued support.

President & Representive Director Katsuhiko Karasuda

President & Representive Director
Katsuhiko Karasuda