Analysis technology

Demands for civil engineering technologies have been increasingly sophisticated and diversified. Such demands include shortening of work period and harmony with the surrounding environments. Wakachiku Construction is providing the latest technologies to construction sites and responding to various requests from our clients utilizing not only construction technology but also analysis and other technologies.

Beach transformation analysis taking drift-sand control effect of DRIM into consideration

DRIM (Distorted Ripple Mat) is a concrete block which has the function to control the direction of drift sand to a fixed direction. It is an inexpensive drift-sand controlling structure with little impact on existing environmental conditions. It is expected to be a useful technical component of the measures against the problems associated with drift sand at sandy beaches including beach erosion. Our company has the analysis technology to make three-dimensional prediction of beach transformation caused by the drift-sand control effect of DRIM.


Analysis of thermal stress on concrete

Change in distribution of concrete temperature is calculated for periods between a few weeks after casting to a few months after casting. The calculated thermal stress is used for predicting the appearance of cracks. Use of the three-dimensional finite element method in the numerical analysis allows its application to structures with complicated shapes and under complicated external constraint conditions.


Analysis of wave transformation

The analysis of transformation of waves coming from offshore sea by structures such as breakwaters and the topography of the sea bottom allows assessment of calmness and estimation of the effect of the waves on structures in a port.


Analysis of consolidation settlement of soft ground

Consolidation settlement phenomena on soft ground are simulated with finite element analysis using the elasto-viscoplastic model. Assessment of the effect of ground improvement and prediction of settlement and lateral displacement of revetments and reclaimed land are used for rational design and actual construction control.