Marine Pecker

Riprap leveling method on slopes with slant-rod tamper

In recent years, riprap revetments with gentle slopes have been frequently adopted as a type of revetment structure to create habitats for marine organisms.
Marine Pecker is a riprap leveling tamper for slopes developed with the aim of realizing safer and more efficient leveling work replacing the labor of divers and overcoming harsh wave conditions. Its execution management system enables it to execute highly accurate and highly efficient slope leveling.



Execution of riprap slope leveling with high accuracy

Marine Pecker can execute leveling not only on slopes but also on level planes.

Large-scale and fast execution

With its 50 - 60 m2/hr execution capacity, Marine Pecker realizes large-scale and fast execution.

Execution of work at a wide range of water depths

Marine Pecker can execute leveling on level planes at a depth of approximately 3 m to 20m below the sea level and on slopes at a depth of just below the sea surface to 15m below the sea level.

Compact assembable/disassemblable structure

Marine Pecker can be transported overland because of its assemblable/ disassemblable structure.

Improved wave-resistance performance

Marine Pecker can execute leveling under harsh sea conditions.

Improved safety

On-board management of the entire leveling works improves the work safety.