100% Copper Slag Fine Aggregate Heavy Concrete

Unreinforced concrete without natural sand

Copper slag fine aggregate has already been standardized by JIS as fine aggregate for concrete. It has been confirmed that the use of copper slag fine aggregate at the mixing ratio of 30% in concrete has no effect on its properties. However, there have been concerns that adoption of a higher mixing ratio, with the intention of increasing the use of copper slag fine aggregate, may adversely affect concrete quality and workability. Shinryo Corporation and the company focused on inexpensive fly ash, a type of industrial waste like copper slag, and developed “100% Copper Slag Fine Aggregate Heavy Concrete,” taking advantage of a characteristic of copper slag fine aggregate, the high density, while using no sand at all. Quality and workability equivalent to normal concrete are maintained with the inclusion of a high proportion of fly ash as binder.



Increased use

100% copper slag fine aggregate with high proportion of fly ash.

Heaviness of concrete

Increased mass per unit volume. (2.5t/m³)

Cost reduction

10% cost reduction compared with normal concrete.