Sealing sheet method for the revetments of sea-surface waste disposal facilities

Because of the shortage of remaining capacity and people's concern over the safety of waste disposal facilities, the sites of construction of waste disposal facilities have been shifting from the land to the sea.
Geo-Marine is a sealing material used on the back side (or the side of the disposal facilities) of the revetments of sea-surface waste disposal facilities. It is an environment-friendly double sealing sheet with high sealing function and high quality management system.
Geo-Marine complies with the Ministerial Ordinance Determining Engineering Standards Pertaining to Final Disposal Site for Municipal Solid Wastes and Final Disposal Site for Industrial Wastes (June 1998, the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Health and Welfare) and is suitable for the sealing work of leachate-controlled waste disposal facilities.



Guarantee of stable workability

Geo-Marine creates a multi-layered structure in the atmosphere without fail.

Guarantee of execution quality

Geo-Marine ensures execution quality with the vacuum test inside the bags.

Reduction in number of installations

Geo-Marine reduces the number of installations by unifying the structure.

Easy installation

Geo-Marine can be easily installed by adjusting the flotation with tubular floats.

Fail-safe function

Geo-Marine uses GCL (a semi-permeable material) in the internal protective layer.

Confirmation of soundness after installation

Existence/absence of damage on Geo-Marine can be easily assessed by electric detection.