Clean Sweeper-2

Scrape rotor-type high-concentration dredging method

Water pollution in lakes in beautiful scenery and urban rivers has become a great social problem. Clean Sweeper-2 is a high-concentration dredger equipped with “Scrape-rotor-type dredging heads” developed for efficient removal of sludge on the bottom, the main source of the water pollution, in thin layers. As the dredging surface of the heads is designed not to cause under-dredging or over-dredging, it is suitable for the improvement of water areas where spaces for disposal of dredged sludge is hard to find.



High-concentration dredging

As Clean Sweeper 2 is capable of dredging at the sludge content of 80 to 100%, there will be no need for residual water disposal facilities and small capacity is required for the disposal sites. Therefore, reduction in construction costs is expected.

Thin-layer dredging

As it is capable of dredging pollution-causing bottom materials exclusively in thin layers, Clean Sweeper 2 is most suitable for thin-layer dredging of the bottom sludge for water purification.

No turbidity

Clean Sweeper 2 has realized a clean dredging method without disturbance at the bottom of the water with the synchronized revolution and swing speeds of the rotors.

Overland transportation

As it can be disassembled and reassembled, Clean Sweeper 2 can be transported overland and be used in lakes and rivers in the mountains.