WRUP Method

Repair technology for marine steel structures

Marine steel structures including those in ports and harbors are under harsh conditions. The need for maintenance/management against corrosion of these marine steel structures and the elongation of their lives have been drawing attention in recent years.
The WRUP Method can be performed on any and all marine steel structures that require anti-corrosive measures regardless of their forms. More effective protection against corrosion can be achieved with the right combination of WRUP-M and WRUP-L Methods depending on importance, economics and operability of the structures.

WRUP-M Method

This method uses putty-type epoxy resin for underwater hardening to provide corrosion protection mainly to underwater parts. Long-term anti-corrosive effect and impact resistance can be expected from this method. Sufficient anti-corrosive effect, better than that of conventional methods, is realized even in splash zones and atmospheric parts.


WRUP-L Method

This method uses epoxy resin for wet surfaces to provide corrosion protection mainly in splash zones and the atmospheric parts above them. It has good adherence to wet surfaces and also has excellent water resistance, shock resistance, and durability.