Appropriate maintenance and management for existing structures

Premature deterioration of concrete and maintenance and management of existing structures have become social problems. Improvement of durability of the structures through accurate diagnosis of the extent of the deterioration and implementation of the required repair/reinforcement is essential for their maintenance and management. However, the diagnosis of the deterioration and selection of repair/reinforcement methods require comprehensive and professional knowledge and experience. To offer such knowledge and experience, we have developed an Expert System, “Rc-Doctor,” which supports a series of operations including survey, diagnosis, and prognosis of the deterioration and selection of repair methods.



Flow of survey and diagnosis operations and coverage of the system

This system consists of an 'Expert System' which performs entering and sorting of survey results, diagnosis of deterioration mechanisms, diagnosis of the extent of the deterioration, forecast on progress of the deterioration and investigation into countermeasures, and a 'Database System' consisting of details of survey methods and countermeasure methods.

Easy-to-use user interface

Survey results can be easily entered into the system by selecting appropriate items from lists of options. The system is so designed that, even without inputting results of some of the survey items, users can perform the diagnosis and narrow down the causes of the deterioration, though with lower accuracy.

Fuzzy diagnosis

Rc-Doctor displays the mechanisms of the deterioration and the results of the diagnosis of the deterioration deduced from the entered survey results. However, it displays them as probabilities with margins, if insufficient survey data have been provided.

Large database

A 212-page database including 61 survey methods and 40 repair/reinforcement methods are incorporated in Rc-Doctor. The database allows users to work without making references to catalogues or other materials.

Manual in which all the necessary technologies have been compiled

In addition to Rc-Doctor, we have prepared a manual, a collection of details of the survey and diagnosis technologies. Users may use this manual in case they wish to conduct more detailed investigation in addition to the analysis by the system.