ARMD Method

Repair technology for concrete structures in ports and harbors

Salt damage, loss of durability of internal reinforcing bars due to corrosion by infiltrated salt, has been frequently reported on concrete structures in ports and harbors under marine environments.
The ARMD Method is a repair method intended for reinforced concrete structures suffering from deterioration caused by salt damage under marine environments, such as ports and harbors. It involves chipping of deteriorated concrete, restoration of the alkalinity that concrete should have, anti-corrosive treatment of reinforcing bars and repair of the sections with materials with anti-corrosive effect.


Restoration of alkalinity

The ARMD Method provides concrete with alkalinity to suppress corrosion of reinforcement bars.

Provision of anti-corrosive effect on internal reinforcement bars

The ARMD Method creates a non-conductive film around reinforcing bars to suppress their corrosion.

Removal of corrosion-causing factors in concrete

In the ARMD Method, factors causing corrosion in concrete are removed by chipping out the deteriorated parts and repairing the section with mortar with anti-corrosive effect.

Insulation of concrete from external corrosion-causing factors

The surface coating makes the repair effective by preventing infiltration of external corrosion-causing factors.